Demolition of existing structure


A typical builder floor starts with the demolition of the existing structure. In our case, in this 200 sq yard project , where we intend to build super ultra luxury builder floors – 4 floors – the existing structure is a 1970 single story house .

There are several demolition contractors , who are working in the market. The way it works is you, give them the contract for demolition of the entire property. They provide the labour and demolish the existing structure, and also take away all the scrap which comes out of the demolition of the old structure. Scrap would typically include bricks, iron metal , windows, doors , etc. The contractor usually pays you some money for the scrap.

They would return the property to you as a clean plot ready for construction. Most builders would insist that the demolition contractor hand over the clean plot  1 feet deep from road level.

It is important to choose the demolition contractor wisely, as he needs to take care of the neighbours walls and structure. He also has to deal with the government agencies during demolition, and specially these days, where covid related rules are also to be followed. All labour has to be masked up.

There are several demolition contractors in the market, and markets in North Delhi are pretty competitive. If you need contacts ,happy to help  – write to me at

It is important that the possession of the property to the demolition contractor be done by doing a proper agreement . Main points to be covered in the agreement  are as follows



  • That the Second Party/Contractor will demolish the entire existing structure built on Plot XXXXXXX (hereinafter referred to as the “SAID PROPERTY”), within a stipulated period of 1 month w.e.f. from XXXXX and the second party will remove entire Malba from the site and will handover the clean land to the first party.
  • That the malba, bricks, doors, windows, saria, electric fittings, wires, and all other Building material, which will come from demolishing the existing structure shall be the sole/exclusive property of the second party/contractor.
  • IN lieu of the same the second party shall pay a sum of (Rs. XXXXXXXXXOnly) (Rs. XX only)to the first party which shall be paid by the second party to the first party in advance (100%) i.e. at the time of execution of this contract agreement.
  • That the Second party/Contractor will demolish the entire constructed building safely, and will be solely responsible liable for any mishappening/injury/death of any others property/ies damages, cracks during the entire demolishing period.
  • That the Second party/Contractor agree and undertake to act as an independent for the demolition of the said building and Consequently the second Party/contractor alone shall be responsible for the safety of the workers and laborers’ during the course of the demolition of the said building. He shall be solely responsible for all the labour accidents, labour disputes or any other mishappenings during the entire period of demolition work, and the first party shall not be held responsible for
  • In Case of any damages and/or cracks to the neighbouring/ adjoining properties shall be repaired by the second party at his own costs and
  • Boring should be intact and existing level should be One Feet below from road level.
  • If the first party is willing to take the bricks back from the second party then in such case the second party will be bound to give the bricks to the first party @Rs.XXX per thousand bricks with proper chatta at site.
  • If the second party fails to complete the entire demolition work within stipulated Period from XXXX to XXX then in such case the second party shall pay a Sum of XXX per day as a penalty charges to the first party till the date of completion of entire demolition work with clear site and clear chatta of bricks.
  • Similarly if the second party completes the entire demolition work by XXXX , then the first party will pay a bonus of XXXX to the second party